Thursday, 28 March 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter one and all! You know many artists strive to make their design resemble that of a child's drawing, the simplicity of Purple Ronnie, the constant reminder that you are looking at a 2D image not a 3D with Peppa Pig and so on. The reason for this? Well kids drawings are simple and graphically they work. Also they charm in a way that more mature drawings simply do not.

However i strive to make a cartoon look realistic someone comes along, namely my daughter with a design so simple, so effective it stuns me. Here then is her bunny, taking a clear influnce from Hello Kitty and at only 5 years old i love this drawing so i decided to digitally colour it. Our first collaberation; i hope you like it and can agree that she has a faboulouly relaxed line, or is it just me getting all mushy over my kids drawing? If it is i don't care, happy easter everyone!

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