Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Introducing Sheldon!

Introducing Sheldon!

When I started my milk round I’d have to check through my folder every few minutes to remind myself of the following customers who required milk, as each day is different. Now days I don’t need to refer too often, memorising parrot fashion. I was on Church Lane, in the village of Woodborough when I checked, noting I had only one house called “Sheldon” before the stop at the garden centre. As a quick reference I said to myself “Sheldon, shop.”

Well, the phrase rang a miniature bell in my peculiar bonce, thinking it sounded catchy I dreamed up an idea for a children’s book; in a pet shop, a bulldog called Sheldon is under the illusion he is the boss. By the time I reached the house the character was foggy in my head and a minute later, upon reaching the garden centre the plot had unfolded before me; I even remembered to deliver the milk too!

I wrote the story in rhyme; it’s fun, cheeky, with a moral. I pondered the idea but put it on the back burner, aware children’s books are tricky to self-publish and market. I read it to my daughter, probably my toughest critic; she liked it. I passed it to authors Heather Osborne, Sarah Hill and Robin Rowles; the feedback returned positive.

Now I am delighted to be at this stage, the original mailed to the publisher’s editor and I have convinced the most amazing and talented local artist Clare Brookes to illustrate it. Here is a secret sneaky exclusive peek; a mock-up of a page, a prototype of how I’d like it to appear, with Clare’s beautiful rendering of Sheldon and friends.

A new direction for me then; I can write adult junk till I’m blue in the face, but really, deep down, a children’s author is my dream. Kids love stories and books, they influence their imaginations, in a mechanism most adults have sadly lost.

I’d like to thank everyone involved with the project so far within this announcement; fingers and toes crossed for us.

Until the next update please check out Clare’s Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/Clare-Brookes-Artist-1351164458228619/?pnref=story And if you are around the Bath area she has an exhibit running for a month from 14th Jan at Bathford café/gallery. 

2017 here we come!

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