Sunday, 12 February 2017

No Surprises Living in Devizes: Crying out Loud

No Surprises Living in Devizes

Crying out Loud

Darren Worrow
You lucky people; been cutting a fine deadline, writing your least favourite causerie as I’ve been gallivanting again; so I hope you appreciate the last minute blood and guts I’ve emptied over it. The question being, whose guts are they this week?
The intention was to continue the subject of youth making a positive difference. From afar I admired the shared video of extraordinarily talented Arthur Plumb, doing his fire-juggling on a unicycle in the Brittox and Bath. Arthur is out to promote his skills for booking at private occasions, let’s get behind this lad (but not too close when he’s on his unicycle.)
I figure this is going to be a walk in the park, there’s so much to cover on this “kids rock” theme. Then, oh dear me; I go away for five minutes, look what happens. Who’s been letting the side down? Teenagers accused of arson on a toddler’s slide in a playpark perhaps, others hurling snowballs at swans, or the “grownup” local MP supposed to be setting a good example?
I was flabbergasted and mesmerised with Claire Perry, standing against her Bory party this week, blathering cringeworthily comparisons; hysterical Brexiteer MPs as jihadists, they made her narcissistic scoffs on Twitter seem tame.
It was more irrational outburst than a cheap-shot rebellious kvetch, her only intention seemingly to earn a permit to appear on the tele-box. Did you catch “the World According to Claire Perry Show,” with guests including David Dimbleby, incorrectly scheduled by the BBC as Question Time? She fumbled humble pie but it fell on the floor before she had the opportunity to eat it.
Wow, she can unleash some serious drivel. Certain she had all the answers, to everything, her omnipresence brashly drowned the entire panel and audience, with rude interruptions, tactical equivocation and broad fibbing through her teeth. It was a shameful show leaving me embarrassed to confess she’s our representative.
At only six minutes in I felt my stomach churn when Claire explained the issue of Syrian refugee children. In a chinwag with the home secretary apparently there never was a number suggested, despite rash Dimbleby quoting a figure of three thousand from the original immigration act of 2016, which was quickly dispatched by her majesty as codswallop. She continued unabated, “all children put through such a horrific situation would be given as much support as we could give them.” Thus the blame she turned to councils that refused to accept more.
Now I’m confused, is there another Claire Perry MP, who back in April signed a rejection to the amendment accepting three thousand Syrian refugees who landed in mainland Europe without parents or guardians? Claire blatantly avoided the question by celebrating Britain’s previous track record, rather than focusing on the issue now.
Nauseated I felt the need to skip the NHS debate, such a delicate subject at present I fear I’ll end up on a bed in a corridor if I continue. Nothing more than lack of government funding is crippling the health care system, because this regime are hell bent on terminating our only establishment which remains the envy of the sane world. Underfund it so everyone thinks its closure doesn’t matter; it was dysfunctional anyway.
I got home from a major hospital in East Anglia, where nearly all patients were Caucasian British, and nearly everyone slaving through extended epochs to help them were foreign, only to watch an opinion piece by a contemptuous old fart stating the BBC was bias, blaming immigrants taking up beds. It’s pathetic ironic dribble of the highest order. The kind Jeremy Hunt sniggers at behind closed doors.
I’m sorry Claire Perry; while you support this corrupt government you don’t represent me. While financial backing is needed in so many areas of Devizes from healthcare to potholes, I cannot abide the cash spent on splashing your smirking face on campaign posters in a constituency of full-gone conclusion conservative dominance.
Obviously she seethed through opposing opinions from Labour MP Owen Smith and blanked leftie folk singer Billy Bragg, but she even chose to ignore senior obnoxious cow, Anne Widdecombe as she threatened to pop Claire’s ego-bubble with the stern waving of a pen.
You’d have thought she’d have respected Widdecombe, who was conniving in Parliament when she were mere fagging in Brasenose. See how Anne expertly scoffed in the face of a teenager who pointed out Brexit was not proportionate as she was under voting age during the referendum.
I’m with Whitney on this one, I believe children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way. While we roll out the red carpet for an orange American chauvinist, we reject desperate children who could be nurtured to upstanding citizens of our future; acting like this AND expecting youngsters not to throw a snowball at a swan, oh my years.   
The ones who burned the slide should try to recall a time when they were toddlers and enjoyed swings and slides, don’t mature sharing our generation’s selfish attitude; you have your own mind; use it.

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