Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Classic Pop Songs Titles; Updated.

Here are some of those classic songs that I felt could be altered slightly to bring them into the modern age, feel free to add your own.

- Stevie Wonder: “I just tweeted to say I love you.”

-Cyndi Lauper:  “Girl’s just want to have fun (and find a job that pays enough to cover their tuition fees)”

-Keith West: “Excerpt From a Teenage Opera, innit thou’.”

- Madness: “Driving in my Car is no Longer Affordable.”

-  The Police: “Text Message in a Bottle.”

- The Beatles: “e-book writer.”

- Elvis Presley: “Heartbreak Travelodge.”

- Pink Floyd: “Another Bug in the Firewall.”

- Beatles: “A Little Help from my Facebook Friends.”

-The Who: “Microsoft Windows Pinball Game Wizard.”

-The Drifters: “You’re more than a number on my iPhone contact list.”

- The Beatles: “Lucy on Skype with Diamonds.”

- Blondie: “Call me, on my Webcam.”

- Lionel Richie: “Hello LOL.”

- Led Zeppelin: “Dazed and”

- Queen: “Bicycle Race Doping.”

- Bucks Fizz: “My Camera Never Lies; must have been Photoshop.”

- Otis Redding: “Sitting on the Dock of EBay.”

- The Rolling Stones: “Wild Horsemeat.”

- Abba: “The Day Before you came online.”

- Elton John: “Sorry seems to be the hardest Word.Doc.”

- Buggles: “Illegal downloading killed the DVD star.”

- Lionel Richie: “Dancing on the Ceiling is not permitted due to health and safety regulations.”

-  Petula Clark: “Downtown Abbey.”

-Eurythmics: “There must be an angel (playing with my account)

- Lulu: “To Sir with a restraining order.”

- Billy Joel: “Text her about it.”

- Bob Marley: “Three Little Angry Birds.”

- Peter Shelley: “Love me Love my Blog.”

- Frankie Goes To Hollywood: “Welcome to the Pleasure Dome; Click here to enter.”

- Louis Armstrong: “Wonderful World Wide Web.”

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