Sunday, 24 February 2013

I’m still not sure about navigating my way around this blog site but I hear it’s the best one to use so I’m sure I’ll get there in the long run. So, can I declare this blog officially open, I was going to get the Queen to cut the rope but she said she was busy shooting pheasants, or peasants or something along those lines.

So maybe I should introduce myself to newcomers, name of Darren Worrow, age of a ripe pomegranate, brains of a ripe pomegranate, hobby, writing nonsense in hope one person may laugh. Laughter is the best medicine they say so hey, give it a try, giggle more is my motto and if I stuck to it my work here is done.

So, I have other blogs, all of which will have the same posts on, what a rip off I know. I try and update them every Wednesday, so come back on that day and let me know that you read them otherwise I might just give up. I mean I got enough to do without writing to thin air. Too many social networks can surely make you antisocial in the real world. Perhaps the government should put out ASBOS on social networks, I dunno, ASNBOs as in you social network too much, got outside and get a life, trash a phonebox in the holy name of lager or something; but that’s another issue altogether.

Firstly, without straying from the subject any longer the other places to look down my blog is on GoodReads, not to be confused with GodReads, that’s a different thing entirely. The main place I want to drag your gorgeous butt to is moi very own website, there are many things to do there, even, if you are feeling far too adventurous, treat or kindle or ereader to one of my books.

Also I have a Facebook fan page, click like you’ve never clicked before over thar and “like” me page, it’s the new definition of funny (yeah I know you liked the old definition better, but that is too bad.)

Now I think I’ve confused you enough for now, meaning that this blog is officially open!

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